Created by a designer with a passion for metal shavings

Love for mechanics in all its forms

The heart
was born from the comma
of a misunderstanding...

At 3:27 a.m. on 12 May 2018, Fanny scribbled down these words:

... mechanics will meet fashion, art and desire. But first, it will meet your heart, turning it into a vortex with a passion for stray swarf and shining steel.

It was the “first it will meet your heart” ” that drove Fanny to imagine creating a symbolic object and distinctive design for her future projects.

The next morning, she went into work and headed straight for the design office, where she uttered the same words almost without breathing.

Her colleagues gave her a few strange looks. They are used to her coming up with creative but hard-to-execute ideas - but this time they really can't understand the connection between that sentence and the world they all work in.

A phrase that talks about fashion, art, desire and "heart" … really incomprehensible. They know that she's “the crazy entrepreneur”, a visionary and creative absorbed in her day-to-day job made up of technical drawings and mathematical calculations.
She goes from one state to another with a simplicity that makes her approach to business unique. Fanny's enthusiasm is contagious. Although her colleagues don't understand where she's going with this, they're intrigued by her word.

In the end they do grasp the meaning - albeit in a rather imperceptible way.
“Well,” says Fanny with satisfaction,You make a HEART and I'll do the rest”.
But how? they ask.
“Like this…”
she says. Taking a sheet of paper, Fanny drew a heart, thinking they would be able to reproduce it perfectly.

The designer in the technical office, not exactly understanding Fanny's intentions, faithfully reproduced the sketch in a mechanical drawing.

The result was a unique piece,

a heart with an irregular, original shape, designed to represent a love for mechanics.
This heart-shaped object was born precisely from the comma of a misunderstanding.
In Fanny's mind there are no full stops, only commas. There's always a sequel to all her ideas.

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