“Imagine you're in an old factory building, surrounded by machines abandoned a long time ago. .
They've been replaced by new technologies.
Imagine you're there at midnight, in the dark, and then suddenly, the lights come on.
Shapes appear.
And here comes a new idea”.

The art of giving.

Aproject that comes from the “heart” and points straight to the “heart”.
The heart is always the driving force behind this crazy project, made up of sensations, feelings, states of mind, passionate impulses, stray swarf and art forms.
fan ny ke is an endless mosaic.
The concept stems from free personal expression. Fragments of scattered talent revolving panoramically on a wheel, like a merry-go-round.

“It's better to give than to receive” is the motto of fan ny ke.

It's a difficult concept to grasp,
but fan ny ke operates the merry-go-round to start the first rotary movement: rigid, eccentric, imperfect.
Freedom to dream and to show.
Freedom to fail, as if the art of happening were a game.

Follow us with your imagination. You'll be amazed.

What is our gift?

A jewel named Saturn.

These pieces are unique and entirely made by hand.
Each imperfection is not a characteristic but a defect, due to a "wrong" manoeuvre by the makers.
My “confusion of form” shows my desire to disrupt the social status quo.
At the Saturnalia festivals of Ancient Rome, my ancestors used to celebrate the abundance of the earth's gifts.
The slave was promoted to master and the master served the slaves.
All men lived in a state of equality.
This is what I want.

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