A lifelong passion for metal chips and shavings, shavings led her towards a compulsive study of the exact moment that the chip detaches from the machined part to become swarf
One is not the waste product of the other.

The machined piece is the object being made to a design with a specific aim. Swarf does not follow a predefined drawing. It hasn't been planned, its shape is unpredictable, and for that reason the result is both poignant and sharp

Just like Fanny: unpredictable, sharp, strict, rigorous, sometimes poignant and sharp as a metal chip.
Two halves of the same body, one analytical, logical and mathematical, the other visionary, creative, elusive, enigmatic and impossible to decipher.
Inside her lives a vortex that absorbs stray swarf to give rise to incredibly creative designs. This is why she's called the Crazy entrepreneur.

Swarf is usually considered a by-product of industrial processing, but for Fanny, it's a constantly-evolving art form.
When her creativity inspires her to make things out of metal shavings, it's not only to recover something that would otherwise be thrown away, She does it because in those shavings, she sees herself. An idea is born: the inspiration for a new creation, artwork, phrase or project.

It all comes from swarf.

Every famous artist has their own muse.

The crazy entrepreneur,
has metal shavings to inspire all her creations.

Her first direct encounter with metal shavings dates back to 1991.
Little more than a child, she visited a mechanical construction firm. As she curiously observed those giant machines in action, a white-hot piece of metal landed on her slender hand, leaving an indelible scar,
almost like a branding mark. Unperturbed, Fanny looked in fascination at the rivers of blood trickling down her skin.

From that encounter came her passion for metal shavings, she would create the Fanny Art project , in which swarf is the undisputed star of all her creations.

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