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Fanny Art, and all its facets, are the result of Silvia Fanny's long experience in the world of mechanics. Her company designs and produces precision mechanical parts for a range of industries.
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Fanny's creative talents and passion for art have given rise to a series of luxury furnishings for homes and high-end hotels and restaurants.
The creation, design and naming of these deluxe accessories are inspired by the world of mechanics, which is reinterpreted to create luxury objects designed to amaze.

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Our products are made from high-grade stainless steel which is crafted by hand, decorated and painted with certified eco-friendly non-toxic coatings. Food-grade paints can be used on request.

Each product comes in decorative luxury packaging, designed specifically for each project.

The perfect gift idea.

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Love Heart Project

The heart was born from the comma of a misunderstanding...

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Tennis-inspired luxury stainless steel accessories decorated in brilliant.
You can use them not only as tableware but also as decor pieces.
The colour and surface resemble the grass of the Wimbledon tennis courts.
The photos inside the box belong to Fanny's personal album.

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Sea, sun and sand.
Objects which really give you that seaside feeling.
Use them to serve aperitifs on the terrace and bring a touch of turquoise sea into the city.
Made from luxury stainless steel with glossy coatings and natural stone detail.

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Ophiuchus, the thirteenth constellation...

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A highly original, irregular shape for these luxury stainless steel accessories which come from the comma of a misunderstanding.
It's always the heart that makes the difference.
The bright red adds a magical touch to furniture and tables. You'll be captivated.

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Custom Cadeaux
fanny art home

Looking for wedding favours?
Is your company looking to create a personalised gift?
Want to create unique, exclusive tableware?

To plan a wedding to perfection, you also need to think carefully about the wedding favours.
Not to be neglected, wedding favours reflect the refinement and elegance of the whole occasion - they are the thank-you gifts that your guests will take with them to remember your big day
Today, true luxury is all about the details.
Details expressed in artisanal, high-quality products with that unmistakeable "Made in Italy" vibe.

Fanny art home, a brand that creates luxury objects for the home and restaurant industry, can help you design and create all of this.

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All our products are handmade from precious metals, then decorated and painted with certified eco-friendly non-toxic coatings.
We use our creative talents to give shape and colour to all your ideas, personalising every detail.
Our service is aimed at couples who have decided to take the big step, but not only: our elegant design pieces are ideal for many other occasions such as keepsakes for guests, corporate gifting and mementos of special events.

We'll start by designing your project, before developing and prototyping the object right through to production.
We'll guide you step-by-step through the entire process, leaving nothing to chance. But our service goes even further: we'll work with you to decide the colours, shapes, engravings and packaging.
Thanks to our engraving technology, our creative editing team can include your company logo, a drawing, your initials or even a special word or phrase.

We'll give you personalised advice as well as a sampling service, so you can see an example of the finished product to really give you an idea of what the creation will look like.


We can create any type of design just for you, always keeping true to the creative flair at the heart of all our projects.
We excel at creating designs which can be fully customised as to form and colour.

For the restaurant and hotel sector, we can create unique products, using laser cutting to reproduce your logo or brand identity.
For this type of project, the production run would start from 100 pieces, with exclusive terms of sale.

Are you interested in our products?
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Why choose our products?

  • Our creations are decorative, elegant and sophisticated.
  • They give colour and texture to a well-dressed table.
  • They're also easy to maintain and care for.
  • They are extremely versatile, made with food-grade paints, and can be used instead of plates and trays.
  • They allow for greater environmental sustainability, as eliminating the use of tablecloths reduces emissions of pollutants, waste, energy bills and running costs such as washing and rental.
  • They are products made to last.

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